Restorative treatment is aimed at returning proper form and function to your teeth so you can maintain them. Restorative dentistry procedures at our Greenville SC dental office also include diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the gums, jaw and face. Once these conditions have been properly managed, we can explore cosmetic treatment to improve aesthetic deficiencies.

Dr. Stack enjoys helping patients do more than simply smile with confidence once again. Missing, broken, decayed and infected teeth can prevent you from enjoying the foods you love and can affect your speech.

Restorative treatment includes the following:

Dental bridges for areas other than your front teeth

Bridges for one or more missing back teeth improve your chewing abilities. Each of your teeth depends on the adjacent teeth, as well as the tooth directly above or below it for ideal function. That is why it’s important to have missing teeth replaced.

Restoring dental implants

A porcelain crown placed on a dental implant enables that tooth to function properly once again.

Removable partial dentures

As its name implies, this type of restoration can be removed for cleaning. They also are an affordable solution to a missing tooth or teeth.


The dentures of today are incredibly natural in appearance and fit far better than they used to, thanks to new materials that are used nowadays. Dentures are an affordable way to regain a fully functional set of teeth if your teeth have been lost to decay, disease or trauma.

Dental Crowns

A crown for a single tooth creates added strength and protection when that tooth has cracked, broken or suffered extensive decay. Porcelain crowns closely mirror the look of natural teeth and provide an aesthetically favorable restoration.


Fillings are what we use after removing decay from a tooth. These durable restorations return your teeth to their proper shape and function.

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