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See a Greenville Dentist for a Smile as Unique as Winston Churchill’s

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Winston ChurchillThe possibilities for cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and prosthetic dentistry have evolved considerably over the last century. Better research, better technology, and better access to oral health care has driven the dental industry to produce smiles that are stronger and more attractive than ever in history. You can witness the impact of this evolution whenever you visit a Greenville SC dental office.

Still, even in the earliest years of dentistry, patients who required dental treatment were demanding extra special details that would make their smiles feel both comfortable and unique. The famous smile of Winston Churchill provides a perfect example.

During World War II, Prime Minister Winston Churchill owned several sets of gold-plated partial dentures, which he wore whenever he addressed the public. Throughout his life, Churchill was troubled with gum disease and tooth decay, as well as a notable lisp which made it difficult for him to pronounce the letter “s.” As an adult, he was known for speech that was slightly slurred. The partial dentures enabled him to overcome the lisp during his radio broadcasts, but he wanted to preserve the famous “slur” in his speech.

In an effort to provide Churchill with a custom smile, the dentists and technicians at the Royal College of Surgeons were able to create dentures with a slightly imperfect design, producing the desired speech pattern. In fact, it became necessary to create three identical sets of these artificial teeth since Churchill was known to toss his dentures around in a fit of frustration or impatience. The dental team became invaluable to him in their ability to repair the dentures throughout the years without ever changing the sound of his voice.

Of course, we can’t all be Winston Churchill, but we certainly want smiles that are our own. We want teeth that are tough and attractive without making us look or sound like someone else. Just by reflecting on our history, we can see that anything is possible—even a perfectly imperfect smile.

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