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How We Make Dental Crowns Look Realistic

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Smile for the CameraDental crowns can serve a number of purposes when it comes to improving your smile. Some crowns are used to rebuild teeth that are broken or severely weakened. Others are used to improve the appearance of a tooth that has been discolored or misshaped. We also use dental crowns as the top portion of a dental implant. No matter the specific purpose of your dental crown, Greenville dentists have the knowledge and skill to make it look as realistic as possible. In fact, today’s dental crowns are artistically designed to look incredibly lifelike.

So, what tricks does the dentist use to craft the perfect crown? The following aspects are taken into consideration in order to customize a lifelike crown just for you:

Anatomy. The anatomic features of a real tooth can be duplicated in the making of a dental crown. The shape of a natural tooth includes cusps, ridges, and curves that help the tooth to function properly. Dental crowns are made to include these same details and are made to resemble the neighboring teeth as well. Even the texture of a natural tooth can be reproduced in a dental crown through the use of porcelains and ceramics.

Shading. Natural teeth aren’t simply white, they are various shades of white, and dental crowns can be shaded to match as well. Dental crowns can be made to appear darker or more opaque, and more translucent towards the edges, just like a real tooth.

Gender, age, and ethnicity. A man’s tooth is typically shaped differently than a woman’s tooth, and young teeth are often shaped differently than older teeth. Even your ethnicity can influence the shape or size of your teeth, and the dentist is trained to recognize these differences during the design process for your new crown.

Although a dental crown is essentially a false tooth, there are ways to ensure that your crown doesn’t actually look like a false tooth. Talk to a dentist in Greenville today about your options for a naturally beautiful dental crown.

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