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Dental Tips for Preventing Adult Cavities

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Tips preventing adult cavities dentist GreenvilleA recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control has revealed that more than 91% of adults had at least one cavity. This may not come as a surprise since few of us were able to escape our childhoods without getting at least one filling. What you may not know is that your risk for cavities does not diminish once you become an adult. If you thought you were too old for cavities, a dentist in Greenville SC wants you to think again.

Fortunately, there are steps that adults can take to avoid cavities later in life. Take note of these tips:

  1. Be aware of dry mouth. Our saliva is our first line of natural protection against tooth decay, but there are lots of factors that can reduce the moisture in our mouths.  Some medications may list dry mouth as a side effect. Also, stress, exercise, and chronic health conditions can contribute to dryness. To prevent cavities, keeping the mouth moisturized is essential.
  2. Don’t skip the floss. Even if you don’t eat lots of candy anymore, the bacteria inside the mouth can still find enough fuel to cause cavities. And the most common place for the trouble to occur is between the teeth. Floss daily to prevent sneaky, hidden cavities.
  3. Use fluoride daily. Fluoride strengthens the surface of your enamel, but it must be replenished on a daily basis. As you age, consider increasing your fluoride protection with a prescription toothpaste or anti-cavity mouth rinse.
  4. Check your gum line. We tend to see the gums pull away from the teeth with age. As a result, the delicate root surface of the teeth can become exposed, and this area is extremely vulnerable to cavities. The gum tissue will not grow back, so protecting and monitoring this area is critical.
  5. Check in with the dentist. Your dental needs will change with time and you’ll need your dentist to help you along the way. Consider more frequent dental exams and cleanings. Ask for advice on home care techniques. Don’t skip your appointments.

Cavities are avoidable at any age. Follow these tips to give yourself a fighting chance. Also, contact a Greenville SC dentist to schedule your next visit today.

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