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7 Dental Tips to Make Brushing Fun

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7 Dental Tips to Make Brushing FunHow do you get your kids to brush? On top of all of your most pressing parental responsibilities, you’ve got the important job of keeping your own teeth healthy – and you’ve got to keep your kid’s teeth healthy, too. So, what do you do get your children in the brushing mood? A top dentist in Greenville offers the following 7 tips:

  1. Have a 2 minute party, twice a day. Set a timer for 2 minutes and get creative while your child brushes. Crank up their favorite song, do a dance, or play a short video. It’s only 2 minutes, but it can still be fun!
  2. Stick to the routine. Don’t give your child the option of skipping brushing on the weekends or after a long day. Stick to the schedule whether you are on vacation or feeling tired. This makes brushing feel more like a natural part of the day and less like a chore.
  3. Reward good behavior. A simple high five or a smile shows your kid that you approve of good behavior during normal routines. Some children respond well to sticker charts or other rewards, but keep it simple. Children crave your approval and will often respond accordingly.
  4. Recruit a few characters. From Sesame Street to Mickey Mouse, all of our favorite characters have videos and stories about brushing and staying healthy. Share these fun and motivational stories with your children.
  5. Create your own story. Make a story about a character’s toothbrushing adventures if you are unable to find one that captures your child’s attention. Your goal here is simply to present brushing as a fun and normal activity that happens every day.
  6. Take a shopping trip. Allow your child to pick out his or her own toothbrush and toothpaste items in order to really get involved with the oral hygiene routine.
  7. Show off your skills. Set a good example by showing your child how well you brush your own teeth!

For more support in getting your kids to brush, contact a Greenville dentist today.

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